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Erasmus+ trainings introduced the preparation of youth exchange projects

“Youth exchange projects can open up new opportunities for Karalius Mindaugas VTC students becoming one of the ways to develop a range of competences, such as critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, leadership, entrepreneurship and many others that are especially necessary for successful integration into the labour market,” claims Ms. Gintarė Lisauskaitė, project manager of Karalius Mindaugas VTC, who participated in Erasmus+ youth training The Star of Europe in the Czech Republic on March 9-13, 2020. The training was organised by the Czech National Agency administering Erasmus+ projects in the Czech Republic.

According to Ms. Lisauskaitė, the main goal of the training was to understand what a youth exchange project is, starting with the need analysis and the project idea, ending with the project planning and implementation.
“In the course of the training, the youth exchange project is perceived as a project where young people are involved in the process itself: they come up with the project idea themselves, choose its theme and design the project activities. They organize and carry out activities for other young people from a foreign country in their own country and go to another country to participate in activities planned by young people of that country,” says Ms. Lisauskaitė and she is pleased that the training offered digital material specially designed for the teaching which can help in the project planning process.
The training involved a network of potential European partners. This will facilitate the search for partners for future youth exchange projects. The experience gained will be shared with the staff of King Mindaugas VTC.

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