The hobby to sew turned into a business idea

2022 06 14

The ability to sew opens up many possibilities – wear clothes you won’t buy in the store, apparel yourself and others, create a dream brand and dive into business. Julija Bžeskė – alumni of tailor VET program at Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Center – created new brand “Mesu19” and started to develop her own business.

Went back to what I did being a small child

“I graduated Hotel administration study program and worked in this field six years after graduation. I started my career working as a waitress, grew to administrator and later to restaurant manager position. But I wasn’t sure whether I am really where I need to be and do what I really like. The move from Vilnius to Kaunas helped to make a decisive decision to change everything. I had to decide – to stay at the same work or to change my career in different professional field. A friend suggested to learn to sew – that is how I went back to what I did being a small child” – tells Julija.

“I started with sewing courses and after completion it decided to acquire the tailor profession at Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Center. From the childhood, I watched my mother sewing carnival costumes and repairing clothes. I learned to sew when learning in primary school and had even created several of my own children’s collections” – says Julija.

Tailor’s profession let dreams come true

After starting to study at Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Center, Julija started to implement her plan – rented the premises, started to practice to become a professional. “When studying at vocational training center I learned to sew almost everything – from simple blouses to more difficult jackets and coats. Teachers patiently revealed all the subtleties and motivated to move forward” – says Julija and advises anyone who wants to learn to sew, choose a tailor profession and gain very useful practical skills.

At first, Julija rented the premises together with two colleagues. Large customers found them and they received the first order – to sew t-shirts. This order encouraged them to invest into new equipment. At the end, when Julija was ready to start with this large order – the customer disappeared. “It was a big lesson, but at the end I decided to start my own business anyway. I got the first orders from three Lithuanian designers; I am very thankful for that. After working in this way, finally I decided to design her own collections and work as a creator, not tailor” – tells Julija.

Brand “Mesu19”

Julija is currently working with her colleague Kristina in the sewing studio. Kristina also few years ago acquired tailors’ profession at Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Center. “Together we create modern, comfort and stylish clothes – skirts, dresses, shirts, pants and accessories. Our clients – people of different ages – from babies to senior” – Julija presents the services provided.

One of the most popular projects developed by Julija Bžeckė is a t-shirt with an embroidered inscription “You are loved”. With this project she had a message to all girls and women, that they are loved unconditionally the way they are. The project was very successful, t-shirts were bought by men for their wives, girlfriends, mothers bought it for their children.

The goal is to make people happy

Sewing and execution of customers’ individual orders provides great pleasure and joy. “I couldn’t do this job if I didn’t feel pleasure. When I see the person enjoying an individually designed garment, I feel very happy. People have different shapes, sometimes it is hard to find the outfit in a store. There are the customers who search but do not find it. I can help them, as well as make happy” – says Julija and adds that the success of her work is determined by great stubbornness and motivation.

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