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The project develops a methodology to tackle bullying

Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Center participates as a partner in the international project EIRENE: Using Community Learning Paths to Tackle Bullying, the main goal of which is to fight against bullying at schools.

Together with partners from Greece, Italy, the United Kingdom, Portugal and Poland, we are aiming to develop a methodology and training courses that will enable teachers to improve their competences in dealing with bullying situations.
King Mindaugas VTC project manager Ms. Gintarė Lisauskaitė and her colleague Ms. Greta Trofimovaitė went to a project meeting at Szkoła Podstawowa w Jankowie Przygodzkim in Poland on November 21-22, 2019. The intermediate results of the project monitoring were presented there.
Partners from the United Kingdom (Playhouse) presented the applied theater method; they demonstrated one activity applying the method with project partners involved. Representatives from Greece (Action Synergy) emphasised one of the parts of the concept of community involvement – the importance of the Internet and social networks. During the meeting, the ways to improve the training programme and organize a social campaign against bullying were discussed, a document was prepared and the accompanying video was presented as well.
“Owing to this visit, not only has the cooperation with partners from Greece, Italy, the United Kingdom, Portugal and Poland been strengthened, but also the applied theater method in practice has become more widely known, more information on how to carry out certain project activities has been provided,” says Ms. Lisauskaitė and she adds that the project will contribute to a more effective tackling of bullying. After acquiring special competences, teachers will be ready to manage bullying situations at school. Educational institutions will be able to offer their own anti-bullying training programmes. Students will become more aware of bullying situations and will be able to make significant changes inside and outside the school.
Next partner meeting of the project EIRENE: Using Community Learning Paths to Tackle Bullying will be held in Portugal in June of 2020.

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