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VISION project: for the quality of mobility and sustainable international partnerships

Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Centre was awarded the Erasmus+ Vocational Training Mobility Charter for high-quality international projects and a long-term internationalization strategy in 2018. Karalius Mindaugas VTC Development Department initiated the strategic partnership project VISION to maintain and further improve the quality of mobility, expand the circle of contacts and partners in Northern and Western Europe (No. 2019-1-LT01-KA202-060748).

“The project was born out of the need and set goals in a long-term internationalization strategy. We aim to ensure that the Erasmus+ mobilities we organize, which are often linked to long-term traineeships, meet the expectations of both students and the organisation. The projects will develop forms for crediting learning outcomes, a description of the assessment process for competencies acquired abroad, assessment tools and international blocks of learning outcomes that will contribute to the growth of the mobility quality. We are striving for the knowledge and competences acquired by our students during the international traineeship to be recognized in Lithuania aiming to develop a set of tools for a sustainable ECVET partnership in the field of beauty sector qualifications,” says Mr. Andriejus Muntianas, Head of Karalius Mindaugas VTC Development Department, listing the significances of the project.
The kick-off meeting of project partners was held at Karalius Mindaugas VTC Sectoral Practical Training Centre Modus on October 10-11, 2019. Representatives from Italy (Essenia UETP), the Netherlands (Nova College), Finland (Savon Koulutuskuntayhtymä) and Lithuania (King Mindaugas VTC) participated in it. Karalius Mindaugas VTC has been cooperating with the Essenia organization from Italy for several years. “This organisation has already implemented a similar project SPREAD. Inspired by their example, we decided that our vocational training institution would need something similar. As a result, the idea of our new project VISION was born. Our aim is to deepen our knowledge and competences on how to organise high-quality mobility projects and we are preparing the necessary tools that would ensure the quality,” says Mr. Muntianas.

During the first meeting, the goal of the VISION project was presented, the vocational training institutions of the project partners were introduced, the administrative issues of project implementation were discussed, and a plan for further work was prepared. Karalius Mindaugas VTC Deputy Director for Education Dr.Tomas Darbutas, welcomed the new partners, wished everybody smooth cooperation and implementation of all goals.
Soon, in February of next year, 4 teachers and project managers are going to Quality in Mobility training in Italy. “Internationality is one of the competences that is becoming a necessity for contemporary people, therefore, we strive for the vocational teachers and students of the Centre to be able to use mobility projects as intensively as possible. New international partners will provide more opportunities for development, long-term traineeships, knowing other cultures and traditions, raising the quality of mobility to the next level,” says Mr. Muntianas. The project will run until July 2021, and the results obtained will be available to all vocational schools.

Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Centre cooperates with international partners from more than 12 countries, where companies and organisations provide an excellent opportunity for students to gain international traineeships. Participation in the Erasmus+ programme has a positive impact on personal development, adaptation to the needs of the labour market and future job prospects.

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