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STEP-UP project– for the support of tutor professional upgrade and the development of dual training forms

An innovative pedagogical model to be developed and tested in order to improve the qualification of tutors working in practical centers or companies. That is the main goal of the STEP-UP international project, in which Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Centre participates as a partner. It is a partnership of Lithuanian, Italian, German and Spanish educational organizations, which is expected to develop intellectual products for tutors working in a dual learning environment.

“Since we organize the training at Karalius Mindaugas VTC using the principles of dual training, this project is especially useful and relevant. The project activities will aim to strengthen the pedagogical competences and ability of practical training specialists who work in vocational training centers and companies to adapt to new educational challenges and rapidly improving digital technologies,” says Mr. Andriejus Muntianas, Head of the Development Department of Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Centre.

The first partner meeting of the STEP-UP project Supporting Tutor’s Educational and Professional Upgrade No. 2019-1-IT01-KA202-007776 was held at the University of Bremen, Gemany, on November 19-22, 2019. At the partner meeting, where Mr. Andriejus Muntianas, Head of the Development Department of Karalius Mindaugas VTC, and Ms. Odeta Kupetienė, Head of the Resort Business Department, participated, the issues of project administration and implementation were discussed together with other project partners. “International cooperation in the field of innovation development and the development of dual forms of training is relevant for all partners involved in this project,” says Mr. Muntianas.

Ms. Rūta Sutkuvienė, Head of Karalius Mindaugas VTC Modus Sectoral Practical Training Centre, and Ms. Jovita Krisnickienė, a vocational teacher, on November 17-23, 2019, had a great opportunity to visit the practical training facilities of the University of Bremen and to get acquainted with two vocational training institutions operating in Germany. “The visit was versatile, useful and interesting because we observed the activities of the practical training facilities and new technologies integrated there. Together with the partners, we discussed how new technologies facilitate the work of a vocational teacher working with trainees, we learnt the techniques of dual training planning and how actively employers are involved in this process.”

“The practical training of Karalius Mindaugas VTC students is organized by making maximum use of the training facilities of the Centre. We have a Sectoral Practical Training Centre and there we conduct practical training applying the principles of dual training. During the traineeship both in the Sectoral Centre and in companies, students get acquainted with the future workplace, its philosophy, innovations and technologies in the field of beauty, furthermore, they have the opportunity to learn from tutors. It is gratifying that the STEP-UP project is aiming to improve tutor’s qualification, because the technologies are advancing extremely fast and we have to keep up with the development,” says Ms. Sutkuvienė, Head of the Sectoral Practical Training Centre Modus.

During the implementation of the project, the following intellectual products are planned to be created: qualification improvement modules intended for tutors of companies working in a dual training environment; a space for cooperation between businesses and vocational training providers; recommendations for companies and tutors working in companies to implement forms of dual training.

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