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Project „STEP-UP“: creating module on how to work with smart childbirth mannequin „Noelle“

Karalius Mindaugas vocational training centre participates as a partner in the international Erasmus+ project „STEP-UP“. The project develops intellectual products for masters working in a dual learning environment. Dual training is a method of vocational training in which theoretical and practical vocational training is separated and carried out in two places: the theoretical part – in the vocational training institution and the practical part – most of the training period – in the company. At Karalius Mindaugas vocational training centre, education is organized applying principles of dual training, so the project is relevant to strengthen the competencies of practical training specialists working in vocational training centres and companies.

The project analyses the experiences of partners from Spain, Italy and Germany, organizes mutual learning seminars on the topics of dual training organization. The aim is to develop an innovative pedagogical model for improving the qualification of masters working in companies.

Developing the module on how to use smart childbirth mannequin

Rūta Matulevičienė – head of health care department of Karalius Mindaugas vocational training centre, and Karolis Klimavičius – paramedic vocational teacher – during the project “STEP-UP” develop detailed instructions and video algorithms for practitioners on how to use the smart childbirth mannequin “Noelle”.“Technology is moving very fast, and we are moving together with them. Future paramedics at our Centre gain practical skills using the most modern equipment. It is great when we can share good practice internationally” – says R. Matulevičienė.

“Noelle” – is a smart childbirth mannequin with a simulation of baby birth and resuscitation, which allows future paramedics to prepare to provide assistance during childbirth. With this smart mannequin you can get to know the biomechanism of childbirth in depth, to improve Leopold’s manoeuvre and tactile skills, to determine the position of the fetus, listen to the heartbeat of the fetus with a stethoscope, perform resuscitation of the born baby and many other important functions.

During quarantine, international project meetings take place remotely. On 19th February, 2021 took place a remote meeting Pinardi, which was discussed how dual training can help young people from social risk families to integrate into the labour market and promote their employment. The theme was developed on 26th, February as well during a remote meeting.

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