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Funding Program Erasmus+, KA1 action
Project name Improvement of professional, didactic and social skills based on European vocational training requirements
Project number 2017-1-LT01- KA102-035114
Project coordinator Karalius Mindaugas vocational training centre
Project partners New service Societa, Coopertiva Sociale, Italija
Associação Intercultural Amigos da Mobilidade, A.I.A.M, Portugalija
Wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft gemeinnuetzige GmbH, Vokietija
Essenia UETP – University and Enterprise Training Partnership s.r.l., Italija
Project duration November, 2017 – October, 2019, 23 months
Project description PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To improve the special and social abilities for students, and to develop teachers’ professional and didactic competencies in the training programs of audio-visual operator, gardener, florist, horse breeder worker and hygienic cosmetics. This project aims to improve the existing professional, teacher’s pedagogical, student’s professional competencies. Also to see teaching methods, and work techniques and technologies applied in the EU countries. Thanks to the project, students will increase their competitiveness in the labor market, in Lithuania and other EU countries, improve their professional knowledge of a foreign language, get acquainted with the specifics of service provision in EU countries, and the needs of clients to increase professional mastery. The two teachers of the horse breeding worker program will go on a one-week internship in Portugal, to improve practical methods and how transferee knowledge to students. The three vocational teachers of gardening and horticulture will be trained for one week in Germany. During the mobility, teachers will have the opportunity to observe and participate in the process of application of the latest technologies in the fields of gardening, gain deeper knowledge of planting processes, gain intercultural experience. The teacher of the audio-visual operator program will go to Germany for a two-week observational and practical internship. The teacher will improve his pedagogical knowledge, delve into the implementation of practical and theoretical elements. Three teachers of florist programme will deepen their knowledge by interacting with Italian specialists, observing plant composition methods, vertical planting, discussing colours and their use in floristics, improving their language skills, and establishing international contacts. Hygienic cosmetics students during the mobility activities will develop professional and social skills and interact and collaborate with citizens of another culture who will provide internships in cosmetics services. Pupils of the horse breeder training program will carry out a two-week internship in Portugal, deepening their knowledge in the field of horse care, organization and management of stud farms, thus developing their practical and theoretical knowledge. Gardening and horticultural students will complete a two-week internship in a German company specializing in plant protection products and systems, planting methods, learning about new work technologies applied in gardening and horticulture. during a two-week internship in Italy, students from floristic programme will delve into the techniques of decorating, composing, tying bouquets, improve their language skills, and increase their competitiveness in the labour market. Through a two-week internship in Germany, students from the audio-visual field will gain knowledge that will be useful for the development, promotion and training of this new program. Students will get acquainted with the latest work equipment, audio and video editing technologies and methods, gain a stronger sense of internationality. During the implementation of the project, 26 participants will participate in the mobility activities, including 17 students and 9 vocational teachers.
Project budget 51 696 EUR