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Funding program Operational programme for the European union funds‘ investments for 2014-2020, 9 priority axis 9, „Educating the society and strengthening the potential of human resources“ , 09.4.2-ESFA-K-714 measure “Development of formal and non-formal learning opportunities”
Project name Improvement the technological competencies of vocational teachers
Project number Nr. 09.4.2-ESFA-K-714-01-0002
Project coordinator Association of Lithuanian Innovative Vocational Training Institutions (LIPRIA)
Project partners Karalius Mindaugas vocational training centre
Association of Hairdressers and Beauty Professionals (KIGSA)
Public institution “St. Dominic’s House”
Association of Cosmetologists and Cosmetologists (KKA)
Project duration July, 2017 – July, 2019
Project aim and expected results The quality of specialists trained in VET institutions directly depends on the technological competencies, knowledge of technological news and development trends available to the VET teachers who teach them. However, a survey of VET teachers in nursing, social services and health care training programs showed that the technological competences and knowledges need to be improved.
In order to keep teachers’ technological competencies up-to-date and in line with technology, the project enables teachers of the above-mentioned educational programs (hairdresser, cosmetics, masseur, social worker and nursing assistant) to improve their existing technological competencies and acquire new ones, taking into account continuous technological development and renewed technological bases of vocational training institutions.
The following main activities are foreseen:
• to improve/supplement 8 and to prepare 2 vocational teachers’ technological competence development programs (21 modules in total) and teaching/learning materials, criteria for assessment of acquired competencies and to carry out trainings of technological competencies that would ensure training of specialists required for a specific industry Nursing, social services and health care field programs for vocational teachers.
• It is planned to train 108 vocational teachers from 30 vocational training institutions.
Project budget 178 365,70 EUR