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Funding program European social fund
Project name Improving the system of assessment and recognition of competencies and qualifications acquired in various ways
Project number 09.4.1-ESFA-V-734-02-0001
Project coordinator Qualifications and vocational education and training development centre
Project partners Karalius Mindaugas vocational training centre;
Centre for quality assessment in higher education;
Vilnius builders training centre;
Kaunas food industry and trade training centre;
Panevėžys labour market training centre;
Alanta technology and business school;
Alytus vocational training centre;
Kaunas information technology school;
Kaunas technical vocational education centre;
Vilnius Jeruzalė labour market training centre;
Kaunas applied arts school;
Vilnius railway transport and business services school;
Vilnius vocational training centre for service business specialists;
Šiauliai vocational training centre;
Marijampolė vocational training centre;
Visaginas technology and business vocational training centre;
Vilnius automotive mechanics and business school.
Project duration May, 2018 m. – May, 2022. 48 months.
Project description The aim of the project – to improve the system of assessment and recognition of competencies and qualifications acquired in various ways.
Project objectives:
• To develop the assessment of a person‘s acquired competencies in seeking the qualification;
• To develop the assessment of person‘s acquired general competencies;
• To develop the system of recognition of qualifications acquired abroad;
• To monitor the assessment of the acquired competencies of a person;
Project target group – employees of accredited competence assessment institutions, persons whose competences assessments have been updated or developed assessment systems.
Main results of the project:
• Created tools for assessing the competencies of individuals, seeking to acquire a selected qualifications or self-assess existing competencies;
• Created banks of tasks used for competence assessment, methodologies of competence assessment, methodological tools with competencies assessment samples;
• Strengthened institutional capacity to assess person‘s competencies and/or qualifications acquired in various ways.
• Created the monitoring and recognition systems of person‘s acquired competencies and information tools.
Project budget 4 511 695 EUR