Funding program Erasmus+, Strategic partnerships
Project name Development of Sectoral Qualification Descriptors for EQF level 5
Acronym DeSQauDes
Project number 2016-1-LT01-KA202-023178
Project coordinator Klaipėda Ernestas Galvanauskas vocational training centre, Lithuania
Project partners Public institution Vilnius Jeruzalė labour market training centre, Lithuania
Essenia UETP – University and Enterprise Training Partnership s.r.l., Italy
Karalius Mindaugas vocational training centre, Lithuania
Fundación Laboral del Metal, Spain
Esprominho, Portugal
Qualifications and vocational education and training development centre, Lithuania
Project duration September, 2016 – December, 2018. 24 months
Project description Study from European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP), 2014 dedicated to EQF level 5 qualifications showed that EQF level 5 qualifications play an important role in providing access to employment and career advancement, as well as enabling further learning and progression to higher education. This double function makes qualifications in level 5 significant for the future developments on international comparison and transparency of qualifications. EQF level 5 qualifications are especially attractive to students with VET backgrounds and those already in employment.
European Countries have developed National Qualification Frameworks with compliance to EQF, but the success of the EQF as a tool for transparency and mobility depends on the ways countries reference their national qualifications systems to the EQF level descriptors. High levels of trust in the EQF and realistic understandings of national qualifications levels will come from an open and rigorous referencing process that reflects the collective view of national stakeholders and good communication of the outcome of the referencing process inside and outside the country. Therefore, it is critically important to share common principles in the referencing processes across Europe, and, at the same time, to understand the rational of various methodologies and possible interpretations of the ten criteria and procedures for the referencing of national qualifications levels to the EQF. The referencing process is, therefore, critically important.
The main goal of the project is to create sectoral qualification descriptors as a preconditions for internationally comparable and transparent qualifications. For this goal project foresees following activities:
– to make a comparative study on qualification descriptors used in EU countries at EQF level 5 with regard to the best practice and recent reforms concerning EQF level 5 in partner countries;
– to conduct stakeholder need analyses based on round table discussions with main interest groups (employers, VET training and Higher education providers learners and broader public) and to discuss possible benefits from EQF 5 for learners and employees;
– to prepare internationally comparable qualification descriptors (profiles of skills and competences, with regard to professional practice and range of occupations accessible) in EQF level 5 in the selected sectors (foreseen sectors: healthcare, services, metal industry);
– to test prepared qualification descriptors while creating training/study program for EQF level 5.
Project budget 137 766 EUR