Funding Program Erasmus+, Strategic partnerships
Project name Development of Dual Apprenticeship in Practical Training Units
Project number 2017-1-LT01-KA202-035249
Coordinator Association of Lithuanian Innovative Vocational Training Institutions (LIPRIA), Lithuania
Partners Karalius Mindaugas vocational training centre, Lithuania;
Federazione CNOS-FAP, Italy;
Fundación Laboral del Metal, Spain;
MBO RAAD, Netherlands;
EU-Geschäftsstelle Bezirksregierung Köln, Germany.
Duration 22 months, 2017 m. October – 2019 m. July
Project description Seeking to enhance work-based-learning and improve the practical training (especially, but not exclusively in the countries with school-based VET systems) there are being established and promoted specialised practical institutions equipped with the modern technologies and designed for the development of practical skills of the VET students, job seekers, employees and other groups of learners. Although such practical training institutions are designed to improve access to high quality training and competence development and to tackle the problem of mismatch between the skills demand in the labour market and VET provision, the achieving of these targets encounters multiple challenges and obstacles, especially in the countries where such practical training institutions have been established recently. These obstacles and challenges include the lack of know-how and expertise on how to develop curricula of practical training, as well as how to better organise the training process and adjust it to the requirements of the work-based VET curricula.
The GOAL of APPRINVET project is to provide a methodical-practical toolkit for dual apprenticeship enhancement and pilot it through implementation of apprenticeship schemes in the school based VET systems employing the expertise of companies.
To attain this goal, the following outputs were developed within the project:
1. Guidebook for the curriculum design, organisation of work-based learning and work-based vocational didactics for dual apprenticeship carried out in the practical training institutions;
2. VET curriculum’s adjusted in accordance to dual apprenticeship requirements and piloted in practical training institutions;
3. Training programme and teaching-learning material for qualification improvement of VET teachers and trainers for teaching and training in dual apprenticeship schemes carried out in the practical training institutions.
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Budget 170 795 EUR