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Awards: Internalional Student Florist Competitition “FLORIST CUP 2021”

2021 12 17

Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Centre is proud to announce the winners of the Internalional Student Florist Competitition „FLORIST CUP 2021“! This online photo contest ran from 15 October to 15 November 2021. Floristry students teams from Lithuania, Lithuania, Latvia, France, Estonia and Slovakia demonstrated their mastery by the theme – “Merry Floral”.

All works of the contestants were evaluated by honorable judges – 2019 m. „World Cup Champion“ – Bart Hassam (Australia), Aija Zagarina (Latvia), Ahti Lyra (Estonia), Dmitry Turcan (Russia), Antanas Mažonas (Lithuania).

JUDGING CRITERIAS: use of materials (variety of plant materials, use of secondary raw materials); effect, originality, creativity; application/complexity of techniques; colours and proportions; description and implementation of an idea. 

You are invited to watch broadcast of awards:

Congratulations to all participants and winners:

I PLACE – Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Centre – Rugilė Komžaitė, Vilma Noreikienė, Arūnė Narbutaitė. Teacher – Evelina Grėbliauskė. Composition – “Waiting”.

Creative work idea: Waiting is an inseparable part of human life. People expect better days, also await the arrival of loved ones, friends, and, as winter approaches, cozy evenings since the Christmas holidays mark the culmination of the past year. We may compare it with a human’s habit to look eagerly out of the window when he/she waits for someone. At this moment, he/she reflects on the passing of days, months, years, and changing seasons. The windows, depicted in the floristic composition “Waiting”, symbolize different seasons. We may see a festive bustle filled with the spirit of Christmas out of the window that is covered with the goods provided by nature. In the last window, far away on the horizon, we may see the signs of spring/summer that wake up nature. 

II PLACE –Vilnius Service Business Vocational Training Centre, Kotryna Jakštaitė. Teacher – Vaiva Jucytė.

Creative work idea: For me Christmas ir represented by wreaths. During the holiday season you can find it in every home. That’s why I had an idea to create a part of the Christmas wreath. The composition  consists of two parts – cornus carcass and flower with Christmas atribute decoration. Straight, clear, one coloured cornus symbolizes advent – waiting for the celebration, preperation, calm and concentration before the birth of Jesus. Decorative upper part of the composition represents birth, celebration, joy, colours and cozy time with your family.

III PLACE – Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Centre – Aušra Drūtienė, Evelina Labanauskienė, Gabija Bagdanskytė. Teacher – Erika Pratapienė. Composition – “Winter Solstice”. 

Creative work ideaWinter solstice is a special astronomical eventcelebrated across many cultures and religions the same day of each year. It is observed by different rituals and traditionsOn that daythe sun rises at the lowest point above the horizonmaking that day the shortest and the night the longest of the yearFor a few days the length of the day will be neither longer or shorteras if time had been frozen. It is said that this is a miraculous time when the worlds of the living and the dead are next to each otherwhen the boundaries between peopleliving and plants are blurredThis is the turning point from which the new life cycle begins. After these shortest days at Christmasthe sun moves away from its stagnation point and rises higher and higher bringing new lifeIn our work the winter solstice is represented by the sun – the source of life and vital energyThe sun is shed from strawwhich represents the link between the worlds of the living and the dead in Lithuanian mythologyFrom memorable timesduring Christmasstraw gardens were hung in the most honorable place of the house above the tablebelieving that ghosts of loved ones gathered on themAs wellthe warmgolden color of straw reflects the sun’s energy that the plant collected during its entire lifeWinter is a time when nature stagnates in the coldso everything that is not touched by the sunbeams is imprisoned in the iceThe sunshine is the guarantee of any plant existence and life with flower blossoms is possible only under the care of its raysSothanks to the rebirth of the sunwe can say – Merry floral 

Congratulations to all participants and we hope that next year we will successfully organize such a competition not virtually, but live, when everyone meets at Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Centre!

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