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Dual training is the focus of attention in the Netherlands and Germany

Education experts say that work-based learning meets the needs of the contemporary economy in the best way because it allows professionals to be trained fairly quickly, making optimal use of business investment and resources. Therefore, young people interested in learning and working acquire the necessary practical skills, while companies acquire skilled workers. The method of dual training, when the theoretical part is acquired in a vocational training institution and the practical part in a company, is especially encouraged in Lithuania, where projects helping to take the experience from other foreign countries have been implemented.

King Mindaugas Vocational Training Center together with partners from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain participates in the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project initiated by the Lithuanian Association of Innovative Vocational Training Institutions (LAIVTI) APPRINVET 2017-1-LT01-KA202-035249.
On 28-30 November, the representatives of King Mindaugas VTC – Ms. Odeta Kupetienė, Ms.Gerda Švabienė, Ms. Aušra Slepkovienė, Ms. Jolanta Baniulienė and Ms. Vaidilutė Venskutonienė – visited Germany and the Netherlands, where vocational teacher training on dual teaching and learning in the workplace was organized. During the training, visits were organized to local vocational training institutions, companies and chambers of industry and crafts, participate in or provide dual training in Germany and the Netherlands. Hairdressing salons and practical training centers in the construction sector were visited, where the work and learning process was observed.
Representatives of the project partner organizations from the Federazione CNOS-FAP (CNOS-FAP), Italy and the Fundación Laboral del Metal (FLM), Spain together with the teachers from Lithuania also participated in the training. The aim of the meetings was to launch the non-formal VET teacher training programme developed by the APRINVET project for European vocational training teachers who work in practical training centers aiming to implement high quality dual vocational training.

Information from King Mindaugas Vocational Training Center

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